Petrochemical oil refinery plant at night.

Pressure Control

Utex UK is at the forefront of the design and manufacture of pressure control systems such as Packers, Flowlines, Slipjoints, Blowout preventers and Riser seals.

Increases in operating and test pressures in the industry have meant that Utex UK has been working with the customer to evaluate their systems and propose the most suitable seal designs and materials.

Further advancements have been made in our elastomeric materials to withstand higher pressures without affecting the integrity of the elastomer, springs or metal end rings.

We can carry out a pressure test programmer for the majority of Packer system’s, this would be to either a customer’s specification or to a Utex UK specification and the results would be supplied as part of the quality package that accompanies the completed packer.

Utex UK can offer a range of high pressure riser seals manufactured in a high quality HNBR elastomer with either stainless steel or PEEK springs moulded in the rubber to give the seal a pressure rating of 15,000 psi.

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