High Pressure High Temperature

Utex UK specializes in applications where pressures and temperatures are higher than standard operating conditions.

Two examples would be our Spring seal and the Metal End Cap design (MEC) where working pressures of 15,000 psi and over are achievable. The combinations of spring or steel support along with an elastomer capable of withstanding the higher temperatures give the Arefco seal design a big advantage over other seal manufacturers.

We also have a number of seal designs that have been successfully tested to API 6A PR2 standards by an independent test house and have also been tested and approved by the customer.

During these tests the seals were initially pressure tested to 22,500 psi for a short period of time and were successful.

Our latest innovation to support increasing demands of HP/HT applications is our hybrid spring seal design, successfully externally tested at ambient/30,000 psi and 350F/20,000 psi.

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