Next Generation HPHT Seal

At the Forefront of Sealing Technology

With a plus 30 year pedigree in supporting the Oil & Gas industry, Utex UK is the partner of choice for many global blue chip OE manufacturers.

In line with our strategy for ongoing investment in best practice technology; we are pleased to announce our next generation HPHT Sealing Solution.

Technology Step Change

Ever increasing application demands on sealing technology for the Oil & Gas industry dictates that a technology step change is required.

Market requirement – provide a sealing solution capable of withstanding 30,000psi test pressure, 20,000psi working pressure, 150/177°C (302/350°F).




Our design concept included the operating parameters stated, but also that the seal needed to be a single piece component and retrofit into customer existing standard or non-standard grooves so we could support the OEM in new build and aftermarket requirements.

Taking the benefits of springs in spring seals and engineered thermoplastic back up rings in multi-component systems we have designed a seal which, maintains its elastic properties at both low and high pressure.

Our hybrid HPHT seal has also been extensively tested externally and has successfully passed a collection of tests including 30,000psi at ambient and 20,000psi at 177°C (350°F). The HSN elastomer has a pedigree of its own and boasts Norsok M710 RGD and API 6a Annexe F PR2 immersion testing for Sour Gas applications.

Our homogenous hybrid seal is so novel, that we have applied for a patent to protect the design; this is currently at pending status.


The Utex UK seal will be suitable for HPHT applications where increased pressure/temperature takes it beyond the scope of the current offering or where you would like to extend the
service intervals of the system. Typical applications would be in Riser, Choke & Kill, Tubing Hangar and X-Mas tree systems.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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