Hybrid Oilfield Packer

At the Forefront of Sealing Technology

With a plus 30 year pedigree in supporting the Oil & Gas industry, Utex UK is the partner of choice for many global blue chip OE manufacturers.

In line with our strategy for ongoing investment in best practice technology; we are pleased to announce our next generation improved wear resistant Oilfield Packer.

Operation in Service

Following the Macondo disaster, the control and operation of oilfield packers has been severely tightened including the restriction of packers being lubricated once in service. The impact of this is reduced service life due to increased friction and wear. In some cases packers manufactured in the same materials and by the same manufacturing techniques, life reduction has been reduced from 2 years to 6 weeks. The cost of increased product requirements, inventory, management, service intervals and downtime is extraordinary.


Having already pushed the existing technology to its limits, Utex UK has developed a hybrid packer system to combat the impact of wear, but maintain ease of installation. We have achieved this without increasing the number of components to be installed and it will also retrofit into existing housing envelopes.
This solution utilises our technical knowhow of bonding systems, we have leveraged this knowledge to develop a packer which is both elastomer (NBR) and Polyurethane; these materials are married together to become one homogenous component along with the metal end rings. Through rigorous testing, we have determined that this bonded liner does not negatively impact on flexibility of the packer and energises as a “standard” packer would. This technology is available for manufacture to customer requirements in both solid and split packer designs.


As a sealing solution provider, Utex UK is available to support your requirements from concept through to delivery. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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