CNC Equipment

Investment in Capital Equipment

In line with our strategy for ongoing investment in best practice technology; we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new ROMI C1600H & GL350B CNC centres.

State of the Art

The delivery of this new equipment at our site represents the first of its kind from ROMI into Europe. The ROMI GL350B only being launched in the UK at the Mach 2014 exhibition during the week of 7-11th April.


Both machines are equipped with tailstock with built-in live centres offering significant productivity and efficiencies.

These machines give us the ability to machine products from 1” dia to 62”, 16ft length and 22 tonne in weight

Focussing on fast turnaround, small batch sizes 1-500pcs and the capability to machine both metallic and engineered thermoplastic components.

Our Customers

Utex Industries UK is an Engineering Solution Provider, this latest investment strengthens our ability to service the needs of our customers in our Core Industries: Oil & Gas, Renewables, Mass Transit, CPi & Aerospace and Defence.